Saxophonist Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown

Like Yahwehs Heart

by Kevin Brown

Released 2004
Curse Buster Sound
Released 2004
Curse Buster Sound
A blind jazz saxophonist. His intense, improvisational style of playing is both soothing, and captivating to the listener.
Kevin Brown: Saxophonist
Born: 3/17/1956
High School: Clairton High, Clairton, Pa.
College: Berklee School of Music, Boston, Mass.

Kevin Brown started playing the clarinet at age 7; he then switched to the saxophone at age 9.
Kevin then went on to a prosperous and rewarding career.

In 1973, Kevin played the Montreux Jazz Festival, in Montreaux Switzerland while participating in a jazz study program which was sponscered by Henry Ford Community College in Detroit.

Kevin has toured all over …
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Slow Motion Monkey

by The Late Henry Martin, guitar, engeneering, mastering; Dave Kehown, bass; Kevin Taylor, drums; Kevin Brown, alto saxophone

Released 03/21/1996
Castle Sound
Released 03/21/1996
Castle Sound
Recorded at Castle Sound...
In tribute to "The Late Henry Martin"
Saxophonist: Kevin Brown
Written, and Performed by Saxophonist Kevin Brown...


How many references, and examples are there for the gaining of wisdom?...

Can perfect wisdom be attained?...


According to the Bible,...King Solomon attained some large degree of wisdom...


So,...The search goes on for the wisdom that will grant us peace, joy, and perfect health...