Like Yahwehs Heart

by Kevin Brown

Released 2004
Curse Buster Sound
Released 2004
Curse Buster Sound
A blind jazz saxophonist. His intense, improvisational style of playing is both soothing, and captivating to the listener.
Kevin Brown: Saxophonist
Born: 3/17/1956
High School: Clairton High, Clairton, Pa.
College: Berklee School of Music, Boston, Mass.

Kevin Brown started playing the clarinet at age 7; he then switched to the saxophone at age 9.
Kevin then went on to a prosperous and rewarding career.

In 1973, Kevin played the Montreux Jazz Festival, in Montreaux Switzerland while participating in a jazz study program which was sponscered by Henry Ford Community College in Detroit.

Kevin has toured all over the USA and Europe with blues artist, Long John Hunter.
You can hear some of these tracks by looking up Long John Hunter, and the Walking Cat Fish, on Alligator Records.

Kevin Brown was blind from birth, and has gone through the hardships that come with any serious handicap.
"Blindness is a real pain in the but. If anything; it has made me a more determined person.
If I was told that I could not do it, I was going to find a way in which to do it!"
"I guess that is why I have done so well with music, because I could hear the little differences in sounds that set some apart from others!"
"If I could do only one thing right, let it be music that inspires people to do the right things.

Kevin now resides in Texas with his lovely wife, Rosemary, who is an excellent artist!

Kevin also runs a recording studio: Curse Buster Sound.
You can hear some of his music at:

Saxophonist Kevin Brown recently had the pleasure of doing an interview
with Dick Gordan from "NPR", National Public Radio.
To hear this compelling, and inspiring interview in it's entirety, Click below.

Saxophonist Kevin Brown travels the world playing jazz. And as for many people, music has been Kevin's companion through the ups and downs of his life.
Kevin was born totally blind, but doctors restored some of his vision when he was 6. He fully used his partial site - even playing football as a kid and teaching himself to play the saxophone. But the day he was hit by a car, Kevin realized the limits of his eye sight. Soon after that, he began to focus more on music.
Kevin talks with Dick Gordon about how jazz revived him when he needed it the most: Kevin lost his eyesight permanently at age 35.

Will Bethune wrote:
Kevin – I heard you on NPR today at lunch. I love your incredible spirit as much as your incredible music! In fact, I’m going to try to order some right now. God bless you. Will Bethune

Julie Adriansen of Lake Villa, IL wrote: I am sitting here right now and your story with Kevin Brown just concluded, I have tears in my eyes..... What an amazing, soulful, wonderful, emotional, sweatheart of a guy he is. I am going to the music store after work to buy all the music he has made. You have a way of interviewing that seems to make all the "shyness" (for lack of a better term) of your subjects just melt away. You get into Very personal feelings with these people sometimes. This is my favorite story so far and I listen to you almost every day... Thanks to you and Thanks to Kevin for sharing his amazing and enveloping life story.... and thanks too, to Kevin for playing his music, I am sure it has prompted many people to go on and let go of what was holding them back. What a guy....thanks for introducing him to me..... Always, Julie

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